BBL 2003: Language, Culture, and Society (Intro to Sociolinguistics)

BBL 2003. Language, Culture, and Society. (3-0) 3 Credit Hours. (TCCN = ANTH 2351)

The interdisciplinary study of language in its cultural and social contexts, with emphasis on linguistically diverse communities. Topics include language and ethnicity, language and gender, language and social class, language acquisition, oral and written language, and language variation and change. May be applied toward the Core Curriculum requirement in Social and Behavioral Sciences.

This class has three major assignments:

  1. An ethnolinguistic profile
  2. A sociolinguistic study
  3. A conversation analysis study

Here are some photos of the Sociolinguistics Study Poster Session, in which students presented their research findings.


Poster Session
Poster Session


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