List of Tech Resources

As part of my agenda to foster digital literacy in academic contexts, I always ask my students to develop multimodal projects to either present, synthesize, or summarize the readings for the week. I also ask students to create digital multimodal projects to present their research and other kinds of papers. Below is a list of the digital sources that I commonly use, and that my students widely use. The list is not exhaustive. At the end, there are some links to other lists that are more exhaustive than this one. I hope this helps you also find new ways to present your projects.

Challenge yourself by learning a new resource today!

All of these resources are hyperlinked to their home pages. If for some reason you click on the resource and it does not take you to its home page, please Google it.

To make videos my to go tool is iMovie, in which I can incorporate any of the tools below to create cool projects. iMovie is only available in Mac computers. However, if you are a UTSA student, there are labs on campus that have Macs available for you to use or check out!

& & &

  • Collaborating:

Google Drive and Docs, Zoho, Dropbox,

  • Videoconferencing/Video-collaboration:

Adobe Connect, Go to meeting, zoom, Google Hangouts, Uberconference, Skype, Flipgrid,


Want to learn more? There is so much more than these sites. Go here and explore! See for yourself.

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