So, you want to conduct research in social media sites?

Many students who have decided to modify and continue doing research during the pandemic are choosing to research social network sites including Facebook Groups, YouTube, etc. Before they engage in data collection, I remind them that just as any other qualitative research, they need to follow a sound methodology and ethic guidelines. They need toContinue reading “So, you want to conduct research in social media sites?”

Qualitative research during a pandemic?

Most of my research is conducted by online ethnographic methods. Thus, when the pandemic hit, I really did not have to change anything that I used to do. This is not the same for many students, colleagues, and researchers in general. Teaching my methods class (which is not about online ethnographic methods), many of myContinue reading “Qualitative research during a pandemic?”

Interviewed by Ser Lumen, programa de radio de la UAA

On October 8th, 2017, I was interviewed by the staff of Ser Lumen, a radio program  hosted by the Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes. In this live interview, I explained some of the activities I am doing at the UAA as a Fulbright Scholar. Thank you Piry for inviting me to the program! Here is a completeContinue reading “Interviewed by Ser Lumen, programa de radio de la UAA”