My newest publication: Creating a Unique Transnational Place – Deterritorialized Discourse and the Blending of Time and Space in Online Social Media

Christiansen, M. S. (2017). Creating a Unique Transnational Place: Deterritorialized Discourse and the Blending of Time and Space in Online Social Media.Written Communication. Online First. 10.1177/0741088317693996

In this journal article, I conduct a discourse analysis to explain how members of a transnational social network of Mexican bilinguals living in Chicago manipulate their language on online social media to facilitate and maintain close connections across borders. I use similar methodology as my previous articles (e.g., discourse-centered online ethnographic approach) in order to examine conversations posted on members’ Facebook walls and the contexts in which the discourses are formed. I argue that members of this transnational social network engage in the use of deterritorialized discourse to create chronotopes; that is, through discourse, members connect temporal and spatial relationships and form them into a single constructed context. These chronotopes help members recontextualize Facebook as a unique transnational social place that connects families and allows for the continuation of cultural practices that maintain their transnationalism. This study sheds light on the use of linguistic resources and modes of communication to examine how individuals construct imagined experiences within a real intimate community in the deterritorialized space of online social media.

I recommend this article to everyone interested in doing discourse analysis of online social media posts, as well as doing ethnographic work. In the methodology section I explain with detail how to do multiple rounds of coding and analysis. Graduate students will find this very useful. Let me know what you think!

You can find the entire manuscript  here: <"

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